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BenQ MX525
Best Choice at Class-leading Value for Small-Medium Spaces

BenQ MX525

MX525 XGA 3200 ANSI Lumens HDMI

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Featuring a brightness of 3200 ANSI lumens and a high contrast ratio of 13000:1, the cost-effective and eco-friendly MX525 offers a stunning full-screen presentation with the finest details regardless of the ambient light level.

Key Features

  • Native XGA Resolution (1024x768)
  • 3,200 ANSI Lumens; 13,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • SmartEco™ Power Saving Technology
  • Up to 10,000 Hours Long Lamp Life
  • < 0.5W Standby Mode & HDMI
  • Full 3D Ready

BenQ MX525


Saving More on Power Consumption with BenQ's SmartEco™ Technology

Offering lower TCO and optimized projection through dynamic power saving, uncompromised brightness, exquisite picture quality and optimized lamp life –SmartEco Technology has perfected what a DLP projector can do. With this innovation, schools and corporations are able to save up to 70% of lamp power consumption and lower maintenance costs through dynamic power saving features while bringing an ultra-vivid viewing experience into every presentation.

MX525 Saving More on Power Consumption with BenQ's SmartEco™ Technology

SmartEco Mode

The SmartEco Mode, which cleverly adjusts the lamp power to maximize power saving by delivering the best contrast and brightness performance using only as much light as needed.

MX525 SmartEco Mode

Normal Mode
296W Projector Power Consumption by Average

MX525 SmartEco Mode

SmartEco Mode
Enhanced Details in Darkened Scenes
163W Projector Power Consumption by Averag.

(Source: 2010 Philips white paper.

LampSave Mode

Projector lamp replacement costs make up the biggest part of the total cost of projector ownership. The LampSave Mode is designed to adjust the lamp power dynamically by content brightness level to extend projector lamp life significantly by 50%! The lamp replacement frequency is also reduced by up to 50% to lower the replacement costs.

MX525 LampSave Mode

No Source Detected Mode

The automatic switch to Eco Blank Mode after the projector is turned on for over three minutes without a display source, eliminates unnecessary energy waste and prolongs the life of the projector lamp.

MX525 No Source Detected Mode

Full Power On
100% Lamp Power
Attention on the Projection Scree.

MX525 No Source Detected Mode

Eco Blank Mode On
30% Lamp Power at the Lowest
Attention on the Class Instructo.

0.5W in Standby Mode

When inactive, the MX525 keeps power consumption to a minimum with 0.5W standby power, achieving what was once a challenge for earlier projector models. This technological advancement in energy saving certainly helps extend the projector lamp life and lower energy costs.

Blu-ray Full HD 3D Supported

BenQ MX525 is built with latest DLP® technology to support 3D functionality, allowing schools to bring an immersive learning experience to their students with a simple preparation of 3D glasses and 3D content from your Blu-ray player.

MX525 Blu-ray Full HD 3D Supported

BenQ DLP®Projectors︱ Long-Lasting Image Perfection with DLP Technology

Timeless Image Quality

BenQ Colorific DLP Projectors are built with enduring enjoyment in mind, ensuring razor-sharp clarity, ultra-readability and true-to-life color for years to come. We use leading-edge DLP Technology to reflect pure light from millions of micro mirrors on a DMD chip through our advanced color wheels. Since the mirrors are colorless and protected within a nearly-sealed engine, BenQ Colorific DLP Projectors have no aging problems and are virtually immune to image decay, consistently delivering picture excellence time and time again. In fact, after 2,000 hours of intense usage, inserting a new bulb produces image quality comparable to a brand-new projector.

Non-DLP Projector

MX525 Timeless Image Quality

BenQ DLP Projector

MX525 Timeless Image Quality

DLP Technology also affords a filter-free engine design for carefree confidence in long-lasting image quality and reduced total cost of ownership. BenQ's SmartEco™ Technology further boosts contrast performance and maintains image quality while saving up to 70% on lamp power consumption.

Razor-Sharp Clarity with Ultra-Readability:

Enabling a 96% fill factor, DLP Technology supplies pixel circuitry behind the pixel, thereby eliminating the thick dark bezels around individual pixels, which diminish color and detail. A higher fill factor and less black border translate to noticeably purer, more intense color and smoother image quality.

BenQ Colorific DLP Projectors also feature native high contrast ratios for flawless rendering of small text, fine lines, and dark scene details. Blacks are deeper and overall image quality is more focused and clean. Your presentations will be easily readable and highly effective, even from the back row of a well-lit venue.

MX525 Razor-Sharp Clarity with Ultra-Readability

Vibrant, True-to-Life Colors

Even in lit venues, BenQ DLP Projectors achieve the optimal balance of brightness and color accuracy, with BrilliantColor™ Technology additionally boosting true-to-life colors that captivate. BrilliantColor enables up to six-color processing by incorporating the secondary colors Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta along with primary Red, Blue, and Green. From intense hues to elusive mid-tones like aqua blues and light yellows, your every presentation is rendered in pure, living splendor.

MX525 Vibrant, True-to-Life Colors

(All photos portraying projection scenarios are simulated..

ecoFACTS Label

ecoFACTS can tell you how eco-friendly BenQ products are!

Development of eco-friendly products, BenQ doesn't just want to comply with green regulations passively, but also to actively develop eco-friendly products!

ecoFACTS declares BenQ's greatest efforts on the replacement of hazardous substances, material selection, packaging design, energy-saving design and other aspects of the products.

MX525 ecoFACTS Label


BenQ MX525 Specifications

  1. Audio In & Out (Mini Jack)
  2. S-Video (Mini DIN 4-pin)
  3. Composite Video in (RCA)
  4. HDMI
  5. Computer-1 (D-sub 15pin)
  6. Computer-2 (D-sub 15pin)
  7. Monitor Out (D-sub 15pin)
  8. USB (Type mini-B)
  9. RS232 (DB-9pin)
BenQ MX525 Specifications
Model MX525
Projection System DLP
Native Resolution XGA (1024 x 768)
Brightness* (ANSI Lumens) 3200AL
Contrast Ratio 13000:1
Display Color 1.07 Billion Colors
Lens F=2.56-2.8, f=21-23.1mm
Aspect Ratio Native 4:3 (5 aspect ratio selectable)
Throw Ratio 1.86-2.04 (53"@2m)
Image Size (Diagonal) 36"-300"
Zoom Ratio 1.1:1
Lamp Type 190W
Lamp Mode (Normal/ Economic/ SmartEco/ LampSave/ LumenCare)* 4500/6000/6500/10000 hours
Keystone Adjustment 1D, Vertical ± 40 degrees
Projection Offset 120% ±5%
Resolution Support VGA(640 x 480) to UXGA(1600 x 1200)
Horizontal Frequency 15-102KHz
Vertical Scan Rate 23-120Hz
Interface Computer in (D-sub 15pin) x 2 (Share with component)
Monitor out (D-sub 15pin) x 1
Composite Video in (RCA) x 1
S-Video in (Mini DIN 4pin) x 1
HDMI x 1
Audio in (Mini Jack) x 1
Audio out (Mini Jack) x 1
Speaker 2W x 1
USB (Type B) x 1
RS232 (DB-9pin) x 1
IR Receiver x1 (Front)
Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 283 x 95 x 222 mm

BenQ MX525 Specifications
HDTV Compatibility 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Video Compatibility NTSC, PAL, SECAM
3D Support and Compatibility Frame Sequential: Up to 720p
Frame Packing: Up to 1080p
Side by Side: Up to 1080i/p
Top Bottom: Up to 1080p
Weight 1.9 kg
Audible Noise (Normal/Economic Mode) 33/28 dBA (Normal/Economic mode)
Power Supply AC100 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz
Power Consumption Normal 270W, Eco 220W, Standby <0.5W
On-Screen Display Languages Arabic/Bulgarian/ Croatian/ Czech/ Danish/ Dutch/ English/ Finnish/ French/ German/ Greek/ Hindi/ Hungarian/ Italian/ Indonesian/ Japanese/ Korean/ Norwegian/ Polish/ Portuguese/ Romanian/ Russian/ Simplified Chinese/Spanish/ Swedish/ Turkish/ Thai/ Traditional Chinese (28 Languages)
Picture Modes Dynamic/Presentation/sRGB/Cinema/(3D)/User 1/User 2
Accessories (Standard) Remote Control w/ Battery
Power Cord (by region)
UM Download Instruction and Regulatory Statements
Quick Start Guide
Warranty Card (by region)
VGA(D-sub 15pin) Cable
Accessories (Optional) Spare Lamp Kit
Ceilling Mount
3D Glasses
Carry bag

Distance Chart:

MX525 Distance Chart

The screen aspect ratio is 4:3 and the projected picture is in a 4:3 aspect ratio

Screen Size Projection distance (inch) Vertical offset (inch)
Diagonal W (inch) H (inch) Min length Average Min length
Inch mm (Max zoom) (Max zoom)
30 762 24 18 44.6 46.8 49.1 1.81
40 1016 32 24 59.4 62.4 65.3 2.4
50 1270 40 30 74.3 77.9 81.6 2.9
60 1524 48 36 89.1 93.5 98.1 3.6
80 2032 64 48 118.8 124.8 130.7 4.8
100 2540 80 60 148.5 155.9 163.4 5.9
120 3048 96 72 178.2 187.2 196.1 7.2
150 3810 120 90 222.8 233.9 245.1 9.0
200 5080 160 120 297.1 312.0 326.8 12.0
220 5588 176 132 326.8 343.2 359.5 13.2
250 6350 200 150 371.4 390.1 408.5 15.0
300 7620 240 180 445.7 467.9 490.2 17.9

Ceiling Mount Chart:

Ceiling Mount screw: M4
(Max L=25mm; Min L=20mm)

MX525 Ceiling Mount Chart

Units: inch


Download the BenQ MX525 Data Sheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

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MX525 XGA 3200 ANSI Lumens HDMI
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